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The Supreme Court quashed in part the decision of the Fourth District Court of Appeal affirming the trial court's dismissal of Appellant's mandamus and certiorari claims and reversing as to Plaintiffs' claims for injunctive and declaratory relief, holding that the appellate court erred in reinstating these claims.Plaintiffs brought this action against the City of West Palm Beach seeking injunctive relief requiring the City to investigate and, if necessary, take enforcement action against an alleged zoning violation. The trial court dismissed all of Plaintiffs' claims against the City. The Fourth District affirmed the trial court's dismissal of Plaintiffs' mandamus and certiorari claims but reversed as to their claims for injunctive and declaratory relief. The Supreme Court quashed the Fourth D/istrit's decision in part, holding that an injunction was not available to compel the City to enforce its zoning ordnance against the third party in this case. View "City of West Palm Beach, Inc. v. Haver" on Justia Law